Education Groups

Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke’s Bay values the positive influence that education and groups have in rehabilitation for people who have acquired brain injury.

Women’s Group

The group aims to address some of the key needs and concerns facing women with an acquired brain injury. It focuses on wellbeing for women after acquired brain injury.

Men’s Group

The aim of the group is to provide a forum for men to share their experiences and to learn from one another. There may be discussion groups, guest speakers or other community-based activities.

Cognitive Challenge

 Activities include individual and group challenges that require varying levels of cognitive skills. The group is based on clients’ interests and skills.

Speech Therapy

 Aphasia is a communication disability affecting speech, comprehension of spoken language, reading, writing and numbers. It is most commonly associated with stroke. It provides a forum for people with aphasia to meet and to share experience of living with aphasia. Participants are also involved in educating the community about aphasia. The group is facilitated by a speech-language therapist.


 It is based on evidenced-based programmes for social communication after acquired brain injury. Clients also work towards developing confidence in public speaking.